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Hi! Could you write a story with a jealous Yogi please? Maybe they are in a parade and a guy approaches Gareki and hit on him and Yogi gets jealous? Pleasee Pleaseee Pleasee! I beg you


Thank you so much! You were the only one to send me a prompt <3 (I was so worried everybody was going to ignore me on my last day of prompts; so thank you so much again, sweetheart!)

As I’m writing this I remember writing another one with jealous!Yogi. It was for Yoreki week, so maybe you’d like to check it out when this one isn’t quite satisfying. (“Jealousy is stupid”)

The colours twisted and turned when Yogi’s eyes suddenly narrowed. Absentminded he gave the basket of sweets to Nai and patted a girl’s long hair. “Nyan-Nyan needs a moment,” he whispered and turned.

Some children – including Nai – had stepped away from him when the cheerful air around him changed to a murderous one.

The technician, the new technician, Gareki had been amused and slightly annoyed with at the same time, the technician who ran after Gareki to chat with him whenever the opportunity presented itself (and mostly also when it didn’t), exactly that new technician had leaned into Gareki’s personal space. But that wasn’t all, Gareki’s eyes were narrowed in sheer annoyance, glancing at the hand of the technician that had grabbed his, before throwing the technician a disgusted look. The technician that now had the nerve to put his hand on Gareki’s cheek and spoke to him.

Yogi pushed the hand away with a force he never used with humans, the technician fell down as Yogi pulled Gareki into his arms. Gareki seemed surprised for a moment until Yogi picked him up and suddenly they were in the air and on a roof. Still close enough to hear the parade going on, but far enough away not to see or be seen.

Gareki blinked at the man in the cat suit. “Yogi?”

“Wait a second, Gareki-kun!” he cried out as he suddenly pulled out wipes literally out of nowhere and started to clean Gareki’s cheek before letting it fall to the ground and wiping of Gareki’s hand with yet another rose scented wipe. Then he halted, looking at Gareki’s irritated face and nodded. “All clean again.”

There was a blush crawling on Gareki’s cheeks. “He might be a bootlicker, but he isn’t actually covered in salvia…”

Yogi nodded seriously. “If he tries to lick you, tell me, I’ll kill him for you.”

Gareki chuckled suddenly. “You’re impossible, Yogi…”

Yogi puffed his chest and leaned into Gareki’s personal space before purring directly into Gareki’s ears, “Would you like to show me exactly how skilled your hands are in a more” he paused slightly, but it wasn’t actually one he needed to think, but one he needed to put more emphasis on his following words, “intimate environment, Sensei?”

He heard Gareki swallowing before he leaned so close, his lips were actually touching Yogi’s ear, hands on the tidy collar.

His hushed words were carried far away by the wind, but not long after, Yogi’s arms were tightly around his waist, carrying him far away from this place, the parade and also the technician.

The love bites covering his neck the very next day and the way Yogi’s arms hugged him close as he sat on his lap, where all it needed for the technician to never even mutter a word unrelated to their work to Gareki again.

Yogi wasn’t exactly displeased by this outcome.


Morning routines on the first ship. ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜


Make me choose
↳ miyukikazuyaz asked: Nine or Yogi

But! I can’t bear the thought of Gareki-kun and Nai-chan having gone to the first ship… I’m sure they’re being bullied! Yogi ep. 10

Hirato  Episode 03


kingdom-of-stuffs hat gesagt: Prompt! Yoreki fluff : gareki, even though he’s the smart one and the one with the medical knowledge gets sick. Yogi freaks out. You’ll get a 1 for a mark if iva makes an appearance. Is this enough of a slap? You don’t have to if you’re not interested.

[I’m not sure if this is what you meant; since it’s not really fluffy. Also I apologize for the lateness, it should have been finished quicker.
So what grade do I get? (The bonus task is made, but it can never save the complete grade.) Thank you very much for sending the prompt, sweetie <3]

Heavy breathing filled the small room.

Yogi took the small towel from Gareki’s forehead and changed it against a cooler one once again when the normally so curious eyes opened slightly. He skipped over ‘Gareki-kun’s and ‘How do you feel’s and started recite the book he had read for Gareki over and over in the last few days. Words that didn’t make sense in his ears, words he didn’t even know fell from his lips, softly, gently, comforting.

Gareki’s hazy eyes watched him and Yogi recited the page and the following with the book lying innocently on the bedside table.

Yogi’s eyes widened in panic as he dropped on his knees next to Gareki’s body. “Gareki…”, he mumbled while gently shaking his shoulder, “Gareki? Gareki! Come on. Please, wake up!” he begged the seemingly lifeless body all the while he was shaking it. Tears burned in his eyes. Pain in his heart.

“What are you doing there!” Iva exclaimed when she saw him until she saw, what he saw. Her eyes narrowed at Gareki and her hand pressed gently on his forehead before she almost spit at Yogi, “Better yet: What are you still doing here? Gareki should be in a bed.”

She raised Gareki’s body with a care, Yogi hadn’t seen her use with the male gender before and Yogi rose with her. Then she put Gareki in the furry paws of his Nyanperona costume and Yogi immediately cradled him close to his chest. “Gareki…”

“Stop dallying and hurry!” Iva exclaimed and Yogi started flying up to the ship. It was only then she saw the frightened children. A gentle smile placed itself on her lips when she told them, “I’m sorry, but Kurowan wasn’t feeling well and Nyanperona needs to take care of him.”

“Wha’…” Gareki mumbled and Yogi’s lips stopped moving and he leaned closer to hear the hoarse whisper better. “…are you always doin’ ‘ere? ‘ll get sick… ‘diot…” Gareki’s eyes almost closed again, but even though his body seemed ready for more sleep, he kept himself awake with shier willpower.

Yogi smiled gently and leaned closer. “You said it yourself, Gareki. I’m an idiot, idiots don’t catch colds.” He carefully wiped a black stray lock back before he continued, “Besides, you’re the only doctor on the Second Ship right now, so someone has to stay with you in case something happens and we can contact Akari-sensei on time.”

Gareki’s didn’t ask any more questions, but still stared at Yogi, so the prince without memories talked gently to him. “Considering how smart you are, you are seldom ill and—“

“’was glaring”, Gareki clarified and coughed. Yogi slowly helped him up with the desperate wish to be able to help, to be able to take proper care of him, but he just couldn’t. When the small coughing fit had ended and Yogi had bedded Gareki once more on the comfortable bed, Gareki’s hand held onto his shirt with a death grip. “…my i…diot…”

Yogi took the small towel from Gareki’s forehead and changed it against a cooler one. The door was opened and Iva stepped into the room. “Is he any better?” she asked carefully and Yogi shook his head.

“It feels like the fever is slowly going down though…” he answered exhausted, eyes never leaving Gareki.

[Also a little note at the end, because I’m stupid and all. For the ones who still read Typhoons and read this, yes, Kurowan will be in until the very last moment. I kinda like that idea.
And the idiot thing is because of the Japanese(?) saying: Idiots don’t catch colds. I hope everybody enjoyed this at least a bit.]

dudettemal said:
Once again rendered as a nobody. And that by an anon. And on my one day hiatus. I wrote a fic about sick Gareki and caring Yogi on request some time ago. post/92470744963/kingdom-of-stuffs-hat-gesagt-prompt-yoreki if you feel like checking it out... It's even on FF-net and I think I saw another one a long time ago (but as I mentioned small hiatus and I won't go looking with my mobile). Also there is sick Gareki and caring Yogi in a Multi chapter story of me...

thank youuu, here you go anon!!

 Anonymous said:
If you ever feel like writing fics again, like ever in any parallel universe, then would you consider writing sick!gareki and comforting!yogi fic? Ur fics are the best yoreki fics and nobody seems to have written sick gareki.. Like, stomach flu where he's seriously not feeling well or so.. I know im a sadist and all I realy want is to wrap a blanket around both of them but.. Wha can u do c; sorry if this bothered you, have a good one!

aaaah I don’t write the fics you see, I just reblog them (If I could write, I’d write all the aus lol) so sorry! but any drabble/fic writers that follow this blog wanna have a go at this request then cool!!